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Apartment SIPA "C", Dubrovnik, Ploče


Apartment "C" (45m2 + terrace) 1 Double bedroom, Kitchen, Living room 1 Bathroom with washing machine (bath tub), 1 Bathroom (shower) Terrace with garden (from living room and bedroom) * Apartment is fully equipped and accommodates 2 persons. We offer five four stars apartments in a new building located right above the Hotel Argentina within 10 minutes walking distance to the Old Town of Dubrovnik, and 5 minutes walking distance to the nearest beach. Each apartment has a large terrace with a view to the Old Town, open sea and Lokrum Island. Each apartment has its parking space. Apartments building is surrounded with garden and located in a peaceful neighborhood.



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Wednesday, September 1, 2010
This was the perfect place for us. The views were fantastic, the apartment spacious, private, immaculate and comfortable, the hosts most helpful and charming. Our gracious hosts had that particular ability to make us feel both welcome and relaxed. My spouse, very tall at 6'6", appreciated the extra roominess the apartment afforded. Public transporation was available nearby as well as free parking for our car at the apartment, although when visiting the Old City we chose to walk. The walk is a bit of an exercise, especially on the return, but we decided we'd rather work off those extra calories we had gained from dining out. Part of Dubrovnik's charm is that it is very hilly, and you can expect to find steps anywhere you go. Expect to climb steps up and down from the apartment to the parking area and street. We are age 60 and 70 and managed it fine. (Those with handicaps and mobility problems must consider their options carefully - ask.) And the rewards - how wonderful to wake up after a quiet night's sleep and look out onto such views of sky, land and water! We can't say enough good things about our stay here and would highly recommend Sipa. We would be delighted to return! Do think about renting a car for a day trip to the Bay of Kotor in Montenegro. Go before it is changed by large development. And if you go, plan a lunch or dinner at the Konoba Catovica Mlini along the way. Exquisite!


Wednesday, September 1, 2010
Carole and I stayed in apartment C and feel Killiefan's 2007 review (see below) is spot-on. Lovely, charming owner and wife, with whom we shared some drinks upon our arrival and on one evening in our apartment - shame we forgot to put the vodka in the fridge beforehand, though! The steps down to the old town can be exhausting (i.e. when travelling back to Sipa) but can be avoided by walking up and around (i.e. turn right when leaving the apartment complex) and we were both a lot fitter at the end of the week! The nearby mini-market is very handy and the bars and restaurants in Dubrovnik generally offer good value but beware Gils Restaurant (near the Ploce Gates) where we had dinner on the terrace on our second night - for £170!!! We had great salads and pizzas in the restaurant by the old harbour and the Sky Bar down a side-street off the Stradun Dubrovnik is one of the cleanest cities we have ever been to - no litter anywhere - and the locals are friendly and most of them speak excellent English.


Saturday, August 29, 2009
We stayed in apartment C, which is the smallest of the 3 apartments. It still had a large bedroom and a living dining area that was more than adequate. The terrace outside is about 10 metres long and is about 1.5 metres wide, with access to the gardens at the front and side. Our views of the old town were somewhat blocked by the olive tree and other apartments, but we had a perfect view of Lokram and all the boats, big and small, which sailed past every moment of everyday. On arrival, we were met by Bozo, the Technical Director, he is a character. He was a Civil Engineer and was in charge of rebuilding the city and surroundings after both the earthquake of 1979 and the war of 1991-1995. He edited a highly technical book about the renovation of the city. His son, Stijepo, is the Commercial Director and you will probably deal with him when you are booking. We had glorious weather while were there, we walked the walls, drank and ate in the bars and restaurants, sailed around Lokram and
From 110 €/night
Min stay is 3 nights
Stijepo Letunic
+385 98 243 976, +385 91 7633 444, +385 20 416 904
From 110 €/night